Hard Flooring

Quality Wood Flooring

Think about a new wooden floor and let your mind wonder into a world of true and unique beauty. Imagine each plank with its own character, with every twist of grain reflecting each year of its natural life. Whether it be an Oak, Walnut, Ash or any of the huge selection of wood floors on display you can be sure that your investment will bring you many years of continuous joy.

Engineered Hardwood

The bulk of the woods on display in our store are referred to as “engineered.” This means they are structured to provide both stability and longevity of life without twisting or gaps forming between individual planks in years to come. Typically an engineered plank will be between 15mm to 22mm thick. It will have a solid hardwood top layer of between 2mm and 6mm which can be re­sanded and sealed in years to come if the surface becomes tired and worn. A middle layer of spruce wood is anchored at 90 degrees to the surface before a third layer is added and anchored in the same direction as the top. This “sandwich” effect promotes stability in the product and will ensure it resists the temptation to twist or warp as a solid wood floor is more likely to do.

Consideration must be given to the suitability of the surface finish. A lacquered floor requires little maintenance but if damaged may be tricky to make good. An oiled floor, which will ordinarily need further applications of oil is thus looked upon as a higher maintenance product. However, if scratched it can be simply rubbed down with a suitable grade of wire wool and re­oiled to produce an almost invisible repair. The patina (colour) of an oiled floor will change its characteristics much quicker than a quality lacquered finish. Lacquerers are ordinarily UV resistant so resist harmful sunlight which may darken or fade the oiled surface at a faster rate.

Quick­Step Laminate

Within our flooring showroom in Canterbury you will also find a selection of Quick­Step laminate floors. A superb, hard wearing floor available in a variation of both quality and price.

To complement such a comprehensive selection of timber and laminate floors we have experienced fitters who work to the very highest standards on each and every occasion. Without fail.

Our advice is impartial and free. A quotation costs nothing and may provide, we hope, a pleasant surprise. Please come in and look with no obligation.

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